Single Use Technology

As part of our containment services portfolio, EHS offers a full service flexible technology option to provide high levels of containment for your process. Various flexible technology configurations are available to provide contained transfer for your different applications. All of our flexible technology is custom designed to provide the best solution for your application. Our flexibles are commonly manufactured from Polyurethane (PU) or Polyethylene (PE).

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Advantages of Flexible Technology

Custom Designed  –  Reduced Capital Costs  –  Integration with Existing Equipment  –  Improved Ergonomics

Reduced Need for PPE  –  Operator Friendly  –  Lowered Risk of Cross Contamination  –  Effective Solution


Flexible Isolators

There are several types of flexible isolators used within a manufacturing process:

  • Full Flexible Isolators [stand alone containment isolators providing contained enclosed space]
  • Stainless Steel Mounted Flexible Isolators [containment isolator mounted on a table top or tray]
  • Sampling Flexible Isolators [allows for samples from a vessel]
  • Seeding Flexible Isolators [allows for seeding product into a vessel]
  • Filter Change Out Flexible Isolator [allows change out of dirty or blocked filter]
  • Product Charging Flexible Isolator [allows charging product into a vessel]
  • Heel Removal Flexible Isolator [allows removal of the heel from a vessel]
  • Seal Cleaning Flexible Isolator [allows inspection and cleaning the seals of a module]
  • Inspection Flexible Isolator [allows inspection of internal areas of a module]
  • Mesh Removal Flexible Isolator [allows removal of blocked or damaged mesh from a module]
  • Centrifuge Cloth Removal [allows removal of dirty cloth from centrifuge]
  • Valve Removal Flexible Isolator [allows removal of valve from a production line]

Continuous Liners

The continuous liner system is an easy to use contained packaging system. The system provides a save and effective powder transfer operation. Some of the benefits of the continuous liner system are:

  • Contained Product Flow
  • Contained and Protected Product
  • High Containment
  • Operator Friendly
  • Reduced Cleaning Time
  • Contained Liner Changeout


Single Use Bags

The single use bags offer easy and contained product transfer when used with split butterfly valve systems. The bags come in sizes ranging from 5 liters to 50 liters with different attachment ferrule sizes. Some of the features include:

  • Flexible
  • Gravity Feed System
  • Transparent Material
  • Multiple Sizes
  • Minimized Cleaning
  • Material Contact Compliant