Large Diameter Ventilation Sleeve

The EHS Large Diameter Ventilation Sleeve provides a simple, cost effective containment solution for hand scooping and other operations in a fluid bed dryer bowl.

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Dust Extraction

The EHS Large Diameter Ventilation Sleeve provides localized dust extraction to contain airborne dust and vapor. The full perimeter slot design provides 360 degrees of extraction to ensure that proper air velocity is maintained in the dust zone despite obstructions, such as an operator’s hand or a drum liner.


The Large Diameter Ventilation Sleeve has a removable cover that provides wipe-down access to all surfaces of the sleeve.

Utility Requirements

The Large Diameter Ventilation Sleeve can be connected to any in-house dust extraction system or mobile dust collector/filter system. The recommended extraction air flow rate is 1500 cubic feet per minute (700 liters per second). The recommended static pressure is 6 inches WC (15 millibars).

EHS Solutions offers multiple surface finished for GMP compliance. See the options side by side.

Surface Finish

EHS Solutions offers several different surface finish options to fit your application needs.

Visit our GMP Compliance page to learn more.