High Potency Solids Addition for Spray Dryer Solution Prep

For this project, EHS designed and fabricated an integrated system for transferring a variety of highly potent materials into process vessels through a high shear mixer. This turn-key system featured a Material Transfer Station, a Vacuum Conveyance System, a custom Hopper Skid, an inline IKA Disperser, and an integrated control system.

The Material Transfer Station, with the rigid isolator, is an easy to use workstation with integrated weighing and a sophisticated controls package that allows for safe and efficient solids transfer into a process vessel. The system allows for multiple drum transfers while keeping operator exposure levels less than 1 µg/m³ and oxygen levels below 1% for the duration of the process.

The Vacuum Conveyance System creates a closed transfer system between the Material Transfer Station and the custom hopper so that material can be safely transferred while maintaining containment levels below 1 µg/m³.

The custom Hopper Skid holds the material as it is fed into the high shear mixer. The top of the hopper is complete with a breather filter, sight glass, level sensor, and CIP spray ball. The hopper discharge includes the required valves and connections to ensure the proper feed-rate for the high shear mixer.

The IKA Disperser is an inline high shear mixer that disperses product from the hopper into the liquid stream as it recirculates through the process vessel until the desired solution blend is achieved.

The entire system is controlled by a highly automated control package that allows each piece of equipment to communicate and work together. The system is equipped with a full ethernet I/P architecture to enable sharing of critical machine data with plant-wide networks.