Material Transfer Station with Rigid Glovebox

The Material Transfer Station with Rigid Glove Box is a small footprint workstation that improves operator safety during the material transfer and weighing process. The rigid glove box combined with the integrated drum tipper provides a compact, GMP, ergonomic means of transferring material through vacuum conveyance. This innovative modular system allows the integration of existing and proven technology to achieve containment levels to below 1 μg/m³. There are several pre-engineered modules that can be configured to accommodate a wide variety of process preferences.

The rigid glove box provides a highly engineered, yet simple to use control for safely transferring various raw materials. Incoming drums can be docked with the isolator using inflatable seals to provide containment during the material transfer process. Built into the glove box is a hopper that can be attached to a vacuum hose to transfer the material using an auxiliary vacuum source. The glove box is controlled using easily accessible push buttons and switches which are located on a connected control enclosure.

The Rigid Glove Box can be customized based on client preferences. This includes the number and size of drum ports, glovebox door size, glove port locations and size, overall dimensions, filtration, nitrogen purging options, monitoring controls, rapid transfer ports, and other client needs. Depending on the process, end users can select from several discharge module options; including integrated weighing systems, continuous liner cartridges, split valve transfer systems, and vacuum conveyance hoppers.

The integrated drum tipper consists of a powered pivoting structure with a powered slide for maneuvering the incoming drum and properly positioning it with the glove box opening. The tipper is operated with hand controls located on the glove box control panel. Safety measures built into the control logic disable drum tipper controls while the incoming drum is docked with the inflatable seals on the glove box drum port.

Material Transfer Station with Rigid Glovebox rendering

Material Transfer Station with Rigid Glovebox