Vacuum Transer Station System

The EHS Vacuum Transfer Station features a compact, portable workstation capable of weighing and charging the contents of drums to an integrated vacuum hopper in a highly contained manner. This innovative modular system is able to achieve containment levels to below 1 μg/m³. There are several pre-engineered modules that can be configured to accommodate a wide variety of process preferences.


HEPA Filter

used as a secondary filter to ensure that no airborne particles contaminate the Vacuum Pump or hose.

Product Conveying Capacity

The conveying rates noted in the table below are highly dependent on the material properties and hose configuration and should only be used as a benchmark for comparing size options. Specific flow rates can only be determined from testing the actual product.

Vacuum Conveyance System VCS100 VCS150 VCS200 VCS250 VCS300
Conveying Capacity [kg/h] 900 1800 3100 4400 5700
Diameter [mm] 100 150 200 250 300
Max Charge Volume [I] 3 10 20 30 50