Our History

In 1997, a major pharmaceutical company had a need for drum charging and dust containment equipment for their bulk API operations. Finding no suitable solutions in the marketplace, the company’s safety team developed the Drum Charging System; an operator-friendly system that minimizes the ergonomic issues and exposure hazards associated with drum charging. EHS Solutions LLC was created by members of that safety team and it acquired the rights to the patented Drum Charging System.

Throughout the years, EHS Solutions has become a leading industry resource in customized engineering controls relating to GMP material handling, containment, inerting systems, process equipment, and custom GMP products. Its core technology has focused on material handling, point source containment, process equipment, and custom inerting systems. Today, EHS offers solutions that serve the needs of the pharmaceutical, specialty chemical, food and beverage, nutraceutical, and cosmetic industries – and it continues to develop customized solutions for its clients.


Established partnership with Visval, a fully automated powder handling valve for accurate dosing and transfer.

Developed a revolutionary approach to Vessel Charging with our High Containment Material Transfer Station. Achieving containment well below 1µg/m3 during multi-drum transfer processes, maintaining less than 1% oxygen during solids addition process, and integrating AMPP technology to ensure reliable product conveyance.

Additional engineers were added to our group, to continue to develop the latest in material handling and containment solutions.

New Facility in Peoria, IL: world headquarters and primary manufacturing facility moved to a larger facility to accommodate the increase in demand for our products.

Testing Lab: the new facility has a new, fully equipped testing lab that increases our capabilities, allowing us to better provide material flow testing and full-scale equipment demonstrations.


Development of the Vacuum Conveyance System: a contained means for transferring material using a vacuum source.

Development of the Rigid Glovebox Isolator: designed for highly contained, closed transfers for highly toxic products and APIs.

Additional engineers were added to our product group, to continue to improve product designs and develop the latest in material handling and containment solutions.

Additional sales engineers were hired, allowing EHS to continue providing exceptional service to clientele.


Development of the Vacuum Transfer Station: a portable workstation for vacuum conveyance.

Development of the Bulk Bag Unloading Station: a modular, GMP system that is designed to work with a wide range of containers and processes.

EHS conducted performance verification tests on the Material Transfer Station. The test showed excellent results for each of the different configurations tested.

Testing Lab: EHS added a fully equipped testing lab that allows us to provide material flow testing and full-scale equipment demonstrations.


Development of the Drum Conditioner: condition hardened product within raw material containers.

New Facility in Peoria, IL: world headquarters and primary manufacturing facility moved to a larger facility to accommodate the increase in demand for our products. Additional welders and engineers were also hired to continuously improve EHS products and services.

Additional account managers were hired, allowing EHS to provide exceptional service to clientele. These account managers are committed to connecting client site projects to the highly skilled technical team and fabrication services at EHS.


Development of the Bowl Inverter: empty large product bowls into receiving containers or process equipment.

Redesign of the Drum Mover: ergonomically lifts and moves drums. Designed with multiple attachments that are easily interchanged.

EHS started operations in India to better serve our clients in Asia.


Development of the Material Transfer Station (patent pending): the latest innovation in weighing and batching of raw materials while maintaining high levels of containment. The modular system provides a highly engineered, yet simple to use control for safely transferring and weighing various raw materials into proper batch quantities.

EHS Solutions GmbH, a wholly owned subsidiary of the LLC, was opened in Germany allowing EHS to better serve clientele in Europe.

Development of the Over Center Drum Inverter: combines the versatility of the Fixed Axis Drum Inverter with the overhead motion of a Drum Tipper. Allows the operator to leave the machine in place while loading and discharging drums.

Development of the Product Screener: provides screening solutions for a variety of applications.


Minnesota Sales Office: in order to help current clients more effectively and to help increase the company sales, a sales office was added in Minnesota. The addition of an account manager allowed EHS to give more attention to each client, therefore meeting the needs more efficiently.


Development of the Fixed Axis Drum Inverter: allows operators to lift and position drums above a variety of tall applications.

Development of the Drum Mover: allows operators to ergonomically lift and move drums within a manufacturing facility.

Development of the Nitrogen Purge Hopper (patent pending): turn-key design that serves as an engineering control to help maintain low oxygen concentrations (below 5% oxygen) within a process vessel during the manual addition of solids.


Vertical Integration: the first in-house welder was hired, beginning the vertical integration of the EHS manufacturing process.

New Facility in Peoria, IL: allowed the vertical integration to continue. All manufacturing was brought in-house, which allowed EHS to improve the product quality and shorten the lead-time of the products. The addition of welders and machinists has allowed EHS to develop as a manufacturing company and to implement additional quality control measures. Additional engineers were also hired and are able to continuously improve the products and the quality assurance of EHS products and services.


Company Relocation to Peoria, IL USA.

Michigan Sales Office: a sales office remained in Michigan after the company relocation to provide continued local service in this region.


Development of the Mobile Ventilation Sleeve: integrated a transport cart to the Ventilation Sleeve, which allowed the system to be easily moved from one location to another.

Simple and Safe Weigh and Dispense System Design: the combination of the EHS Side Mount Drum Tipper and the new Mobile Ventilation Sleeve provides a simple and safe weigh and dispense system.


Development of the Variable Height Drum Tipper: took the benefits of the standard Drum Tipper to a new level. The dual-stage design allows drums to serve elevated equipment openings.


Development of integrated carts on Drum Tippers: facilitated the fabrication of Drum Tippers from stainless steel, rather than aluminum.

  • Fixed Mount: ideal for processes that require a permanent installation and a small footprint.
  • In-Floor Docking: uses a small receiver in the floor, allowing the Drum Tipper to dock in place.
  • Free-Standing: fully mobile, requiring no floor installation.
  • Side Mount: ideal for drum-to-drum dispensing, allowing the operator to easily access the drum opening during the charging process.


Development of the Drum Charging System: minimizes the ergonomic issues and exposure hazards associated with drum charging. The Drum Charging System was composed of a pneumatically powered Drum Tipper constructed from aluminum and a Ventilation Sleeve, featuring a 360 degree ventilated slot.

EHS Solutions LLC was started in Michigan and acquired the rights to the patented Drum Charging System, starting the material handling and containment product lines.